Nigerian Rappers Can Outdo Jay-Z In A Freestyle – Vector



If I didn’t read the interview myself, I’d think it was a lie, but there it is in print. In an interview with Encomium Magazine, Vector put it out there that he believes that he and some other Nigerian rappers can outdo Jay-Z in a freestyle battle.

Here is what he said when asked what he’d do if he had a moment with Jay-Z:

If you had a moment with Jay Z, what will you tell him?
I will really like to freestyle with him. I hear he doesn’t write in the studio and that’s cool but somewhere in my head I’m thinking we can outdo that guy. I’d like for him to see that hip-hop for Naija no be beans.

Well, we’re not sure if Vector was in his right frame when he said it or if he meant to say it the way it came out, but you gotta admire the confidence. Whatever the case is, Vector needs more people for us to believe this. Or what do you think? Does he make a point? Can a Nigerian rapper actually outdo Jay-Z in a freestyle battle?



  1. Is dis guy ok? Why he dey talk shit,if u talk about soulja boi I for agree,no disrespect but he is not a rapper self.wat does he know about freestyle,talking shits wack punch lines and lyrics in freestyle which makes no sense in story line. Guy make u know wetin u dey talk for air oo,no be all this trash wrap wey u dey do oo

      • Be like say this nigga vector don high sef… How he wan beat Jigga? Wif dat his belubelu rap? Dat nigga can’t even stand chris brown who aint a rapper on a freestlye not to talk of Jigga! I dnt do comments bt wetin dis wacka solo rapper talk dey vex me… I haven’t seen nor heard bout any nigerian rapper dat dnt compare themselves wif another rapper abroad…… They don’t hav any legacy dat will make other rappers abroad wanna be like dem…

  2. i trust the guy, he never said he can do it since it may sound too ”show show”, he said some nigerian rappers can outdo Jayz. Vec is a rapper and no exception. hurray, always look beyond. he raps the african way. i likee this guy.

  3. Lols….well everybody has his own believe….that Niggi Vector believes himself….but how long has freestyle rap existed in Africa…..?….compared to the US


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