Naeto C Clapped Back At This Person On Instagram For Insulting Him | Read The Response


2 days ago, Naeto C posted a picture on instagram with the tag line “Presidents Declaration Day.” The picture was taken in Abuja at President Goodluck Jonathan’s declaration to run for the upcoming presidential elections in 2015.

As with social media, fans made plenty comments. Some in support and some against, and one stuck out in particular, but the response from Naeto C is probably what takes the cake.

When a user posted a comment “you are an idiot for supporting GEJ.” As opposed to throwing a direct insult back, he said this

My dear friend @jabir_ink we are not peers or mates on any level at all, please learn to be respectful to those older than you, furthermore if you will comment on adult matters it means you must also behave like an adult, who I support has absolutely nothing to do with you or your opinions in life, I encourage you to be more positive and support whomever you feel might be a good leader in your opinion, have a great day and please watch the use of your words in the future.


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  1. This is how celebrities should respond if they ever should. Not the one someone will respond, “Your Father!! is a bastard”


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