Must Read : Open Letter To Skales From A Die Hard Fan

open letter from fan to skales

Read the letter from an anonymous die hard fan of Skales below

“Dear Skales, I’ve always looked forward to an opportunity like this to express my gratitude to you for being an inspiration to me for many years even until this moment.

Well for the sake of those people who do not understand what I’m talking about, I advice you to listen to the following songs by Skales; Shining, Tomorrow, Skales Jimmy’s Jump off freestyle, Dat one Dey (Niggas in Paris cover ), Enter the Action, Heading for a Grammy, Very soon e.I can’t say I’m happy that you gave a reply to wizkids tweets, but I’m also not disappointed at you because you are human too and at some point in everybody’s life, we gotta react, speak up and let go.
I know that for so long you have battled defeat and many people who told you that they loved you has walked away. But It’s very clear now that you are beginning to clear their doubts because ‘Shake Body’ was a monster hit and I’m sure they still can’t cope with the fact that you are responsible for that Banger.

However, you have proven to the world that you still have so much to offer by dropping Je ko mo & I am for real which are obviously causing traffic already.

I am happy for you because your standard of living has increased, you live in a good house, you have a good car, you are in a record label that values and respect your talent, your mom is happy and living a comfortable life, you have a wonderful girlfriend that supports you totally and you also inspire millions of young people everyday. What more can you ask for???”


  1. Yea. Rilly tourching. Skales still ballng. My advise is just ,u should always put up competative videos dat can break even, other than dat, fuck all ur haters. No levels


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