Mr Eazi Is Getting Dragged By Nigerians For This Statement He Made On Twitter

mr eazi

It’s not easy being a celebrity around Nigerians. All it takes is one statement that doesn’t sit well with the public, and you’re getting dragged ASAP. It doesn’t matter how much they like you, or you think they like you. That’s the hard lesson Mr Eazi is learing today.

Earlier in the evening, Mr Eazi made a statement about Ghanaian influence on Nigerian music, and that didn’t sit well with Nigerians. He said “Ghana’s influence on present day “Naija Sound” cannot be over emphasized!!!”. That’s all it took.

To be fair he isn’t entirely lying about it. There’s influence across different countries in Africa when it comes to music, and even across the world. Maybe his wording could’ve been a bit different. But you suspect it wouldn’t have mattered.

Here’s how Nigerian reacted:



  1. funny enough this does not surprise me because the moment artiste have little fame, it get into their heads and they start spitting rubbish. This is just Mr Eazi seeing how Uneazi Nigerians can make his career be if not careful.

    Ask some artiste back then, when then think they can’t be affected by people views.

  2. Ghana, S.A., Congo, Jamaica… some of the places that we took “our sound” from and made it ours, no lie. Makossa, Hip Life, Kwaito, Reggae all played a big role in our music though we now have refined it and have heavy but updated splatterings of Afrobeat elements infused (not forgetting High Life) and we now sadly know as Afrobeats. Let’s just say Nigeria is running with the midas torch (pun intended)…

    In fact eh, let me not say all here…

  3. this eazi guy is big fool……its not his fault is nigerians that voted for him and make him what he was…..why them never sign am for ghana since when him they sing…idiot

  4. Comment:well I would say Mr Eazi is not appreciating what we’ve made him to be.. bro u can still go back to Gh after all u have been there fooling urself without ur song coming out loud… u should be thankful of Nigerians we made u who and what u are
    the people who brought made u popular can also make unpopular


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