Melvin & Beverly Evicted As Namibia’s Dilish Matthews Wins Big Brother Africa The Chase

Dilish Matthews Big Brother Africa The Chase

In what came off as a huge surprise to many fans across the continent especially to the Nigerians as Melvin and Beverly were evicted in the finale of the show as well as Cleo representing Zambia , & Elikem representing Ghana. Yes we’re talking, Big Brother Africa The Chase finale.

Dilish Matthews walks away with 300,000 USD as the cash prize and will undoubtedly become a household name for years to come as she is the winner of this year’s Big Brother Africa.

It will come as shock to many viewers in West Africa who felt Melvin, Beverly & Elikem had a great shot of claiming the grand prize. Beverly had made a huge name for herself for the viewers as her steamy relationship with South Africa’s Angelo gathered a lot of attention across the continent as well as hate.

In the final minutes, Beverly was the first to get evicted, followed by Melvin, then Elikem and to the surprise of many, Cleo & Dilish were shocked to be in the final 2. The two Nigerians received the lowest votes after an intense round of voting.

In the final moment, Cleo was announced as evicted and automatically, Dilish became the winner of the 8th edition Big Brother Africa.

Congrats to Dilish Matthews & congrats to Namibia.



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