Majek Fashek Needs Rehabilitation And Our Support, Charly Boy Rallies


The past weeks has seen many Nigerians speak about the ailing health condition of veteran Reggae singer Majek Fashek.

This has however touched area father and key industry personality to wade into the matter as Charlie Boy has pledged to support the ailing icon Majek Fashek.

Charlie Boy, who spoke to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), in Abuja today said Majek Fashek was an iconic artiste who should not be left in his present terrible condition.

“The worst thing we can do is stand and watch when we see someone struggling in agony, especially when their pain is self-inflicted”. Majek Fashek is our own; let’s see how we can heal our rain maker who needs all the love and understanding he can get right now. I know quite a few well-meaning Nigerians have contributed to his rehabilitation, but I still encourage others to help see the healing of this great musician become a reality. It is our collective effort to help rehabilitate him as a social responsibility of fighting this hard drug menace that is wasting so many of our youths,” he said.

 “I remember this very handsome man with a good heart and we had worked together a long time ago at the start of his beautiful but truncated music career. He is a multi- talented artiste of international repute, whose hit rendition `Send down the Rain’ still does exactly that anytime it is played- sending the shivers down our spines”

He further said that,

It used to be my favorite song from his album, and till today, I can sing his lyrics many years after. He brewed that song right in my studio in Oguta, in the seven months he spent with me there as an in-house producer. He was so promising, so full of dreams that it breaks my heart to see him so degenerated and entirely disconnected today,” he cried out.



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