Lynxxx Clears Up Reports About Stabbing Incident


If you haven’t heard about the stabbing incident here’s the initial report from iPublicizeNaija:

Syndik8 member and Pepsi ambassador Lynxxx might have just landed himself in soup due to his recent exploits on the night scene. The Jollof music crooner was at N-tyce night club; a new club in Victoria Island partying with the rest of his crew last Friday. Him, Ikechukwu’s brother Uzzi, SDC, Uti Nwachukwu, Banky W, Timi Dakolo and a host of other musicians were at the club when a scuffle broke out. Security at the club quickly pushed out the people that started the fight, and at the centre of it was Lynxxx who said a certain Richard a.k.a Pope slapped his cousin.

The manager of the night club pleaded with Lynxxx and his syndicate crew who numbered about 30 to make peace but they insisted that Richard must be brought out of the club. Banky W who was not involved in the fight also pleaded with him but it all fell on deaf ears. After about 1 hour, Lynxxx and his gang rushed into the club and started fighting. He broke a bottle and stabbed Richard while also injuring and cutting himself by mistake. The whole club turned upside down as guests scampered out for safety. A lot of drinks and equipment worth millions were damaged.

The victim; Richard a.k.a Pope who is a UK based entrepreneur has since reported the case to the police and hired Festus Keyamu as his Lawyer to prosecute him. Lynxxx whose father is a multi-millionaire has bragged that nothing will happen and even said he will do it again if given the chance.

Pepsi haven’t issued any statement on the incident. All calls to Lynxxx and his camp haven’t been answered

Lynxxx has come out to deny the story stating that he was not involved in the stabbing of anyone at all. Here’s the official press from his team:

This is a direct response to the accusations in various media regarding an alleged stabbing and assault by Lynxxx at Club Entyce in Lagos last Friday 8th March when he attended Praiz’s birthday celebrations.

At no time did Lynxxx assault or stab anyone.

It is unfortunate that instead of verifying the accuracy and extent of the incident, some media outlets have chosen to propagate unfounded rumours and speculations. Contrary to the rumours circulating the web, it is important that we communicate the following:

  • Lynxxx did not Stab or assault any customer at n-tyce Club on 8th march 2013.

  • No stabbing or assault occurred on 8th March 2013 at n-tyce Club.

  • At no point did Lynxxx arm himself with a bottle or any other weapon.

  • Lynxxx was at the event with only 3 members of Syndik8

The incident in question occurred when “Pope” slapped and sexually harassed a young female who is Lynxxx’s friend and his manager’s cousin, which led to an outcry by many present, including celebrities such as Banky W, Uti and Lynxxx. Seeing as the young female was in tears and distraught they requested that Pope apologise directly to her, which they believed was only right given the severity of his actions. They were however disappointed when no apology was made and even worse when the club staff did not appear to take the situation seriously.

These allegations have now become a police matter and a civil suit for defamation of character.

Thank you for continued support for Lynxxx

So. Who do we believe now? Is one group looking for cheap publicity? or is Lynxxx camp trying cover up? You decide. We remain neutral.


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