Kunle Afolayan Catching A Lot Of Heat For Tribalist Remarks


Film director will definitely be thinking he made a huge mistake when he came out and blamed Igbos for piracy in the movie industry.

His comments were so vile that he He even went as far as saying ‘may God strike all of you’.

Here are his tweets though he deleted some of them:


He later come back on to apologize for his remarks but it might have been too little too late

And you can trust Nigerians! They came out for blood, and put him in his place


  1. […] From Kunle Afolayan’s bashing of the Igbos, he said they pirate movies and make producers loose their money which was used in producing the movie. He even went as far as saying “May the wrath of God strike all of you”. It quite unfair adding God to the issue and on the Igbos with the fact that the same statement was released same day the Oba blasted the Igbos. However, he apologized after some angry Nigerians almost had his head removed on social media..(if you missed the news click HERE) […]


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