Juliet Ibrahim Got A New Man! But She’s Keeping His Identity Hidden


Juliet Ibrahim has got herself a new man, and if the faceless picture she posted up on instagram is anything to go by, then you can bet he’s something like a hottie.

But the issue is the star actress wont let anyone in on his identity. Why? Because vultures will attack, and apparently try to steal her man. I mean you can’t be mad at that at all.

Here’s what she said on IG along with his faceless picture: “Sweet dreams B. 😍😁🙈 all I see are fairies 😂 no tagging Cus vultures are everywhere and pls do not comment or tag the person in this photo if u know who he is thanks. ✌🏼️😘😜”

juliet ibrahim boyfriend

It’s allowed biko… Plenty bad belle people out there.


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