Jaguda.Com Launches Bubbling Under Sub-Site



Have you been searing for a website in support of promoting up and coming artists? You have put in blood sweat and tears and now someone is telling you they have to review your work before the can post it on their site. We know that the review process can be a bit prolonged. Are you tired of waiting? Looking for someone that can make the process a little easier?


By popular demand Jaguda.com in conjuction with Fullforce Entourage is launching an offset to their main website. Bubbling.Jaguda.com is now here! This offset will be a portal for up and coming artist to share their music. Jaguda.com aims to use this platform to expose up and coming artists music without the long wait of having an artist’s work reviewed before being featured on a site.

Bubbling.Jaguda.com is excellent for artists who are on a marketing budget and would like to get their work out to a larger audience to hear, see and listen.

What’s the catch? It is only for up and coming artist. There is no review process. Bubbling.jaguda.com is linked directly to Jaguda.com and vice versa, so there is accessibility two and from both sites. There is a 24-hour turn around. An artist submits their and Bubbling.Jaguda.com guarantees that their work will be posted to the site in a 24 hour time period. For a nominal fee an artist will have their work on the site in no time!

For details and to proceed with this option please email bubbling@jaguda.com



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