Is That Davido Again?


Davido is a such big time star that anytime someone sleeps in his room, they have to take a picture with him to show as proof.

This lil groupie here is no different. She’s clearly taking advantage of the situation, and grabbed a pic for herself to show people that she slept in Davido’s bed.

This is the second time this is happening by the way.





  1. It’s a plan issue. Davido worked it out with that groupie. She’s going to get paid. Its been long someone held of Davido, he had to pull this stunt for him to be talked about and heard of. OBO its another scam from you. Rubbish!

  2. If wat s in dis pics s true , dat lady s out of her senses davido na human being lik anybodi she s fooling herself nt we 9jains

  3. Na one mistake wey Wande will no go ever wait to happen be this as him don learn.. Even if na rumor…. Adedeji you better be careful


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