Igwe Tupac Hit The Studio To Record The Official “AmoShine” Single


I promise you we’re not making all this up. It’s actually real life. Nollywood actor, Igwe Tupac (Charles Okocha) has entered studio to record a new single. If the #Brexit results got you down or up, it doesn’t matter. This will be make you feel even worse or better.

His 15 second clip “amoshine” hit the internet and went viral, and now bros has decided to enter studio and record. We’re not really sure what exactly he’ll say though… besides shining of course.

A video of him in the studio surfaced, and no lie, that beat is pretty hard. Now we just need him to say something else besides shining. Even though shining is not entirely bad.

But honestly, can we live through 3 mins of Igwe Tupac talking about shining? There’s already a beat that sampled him, so maybe a whole song wont be the end of the world.



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