If you think i’m impotent, bring your sister – Yinka Ayefele


jaguda - yinka A

Nigerian gospel music icon Yinka Ayefele who lost his ability to walk in an accident in 1997 has responded to talks about his potency since his involvement in the accident. Ayefele said his case was a special one.

He said, “Doctors would tell you that my case is very special and rare; My case is one of a thousand cases. There are some things I may not want to say here but I challenge those who still don’t believe me that I can perform to come with their sisters to prove the point”.
“What I am trying to say is that I’m fortunate to have proved the medical practitioner wrong in some aspects. They said I wouldn’t be able to have erection but the day they discovered I was able to have it was like a miracle. In fact, my consultant was shocked. I thank God for this”.

Ladies, Ayefele can still shoot o 🙂




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