I Can’t Remember The Last Time We Sat Down And Made Music – Jesse Jagz On “Choc Boiz”

choc boiz
choc boiz
choc boiz

Apparently this Interview was done few weeks before Jesse Jagz annouced his exit from Choc City. Interesting, read.

In the next edition of Hip Hop World Magazine, Jesse Jagz speaks exclusively to the influential mag on a lot of issues from fatherhood, politics to the Nigerian music industry and more.

The Choc Boys were inevitably brought up Jagz revealed the state of the Choc Boys clique. Interestingly, the interview was conducted a few weeks BEFORE the rapper-producer announced his exit from Chocolate City. Makes you wonder doesn’t it

Jesse said “Choc Boys of 3 years ago are not the Choc Boys of today; we have all grown- everybody has moved a step up. The whole Choc Boys thing is fine however, we all came in to do music individually. I might be sending different messages across but I’m just saying the truth as it is that sometimes, stuffs and ideas don’t necessarily work out how you planned it. People change, things change, events happen-it is life”

“I can’t even remember the last time we sat together to make music. We probably meet most times backstage. People are busy making money, making music, meeting people…I’m not gonna sit here sugar coating it- that’s what it is right now”

Culled From : HipHopWorldMagazine




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