How 27 Year Old Electrician won Maltina Home

Oluwashola Akinsanya receiving the keys to his new home from Tokunbo Adodo Marketing Manager
Oluwashola Akinsanya receiving the keys to his new home from Tokunbo Adodo Marketing Manager

‘I was on an Electric Pole in Irolu Remo when I Heard I won a Home in Lagos’
• How 27 Year Old Electrician won Maltina Home Before the News was broken

The life of an artisan in Nigeria can be tough because they live by the day that is if they do not work for a day they should be ready to starve. The scenario is the same for Oluwasola Akinsanya, a 27 year old electrician. He woke up on April 30, 2012 without an inkling of how the day would look like just like other mortals. As an electrician, his job follows a routine pattern; go to the shop in the morning to finish what was left undone the previous day, go for an  “outside job” if there are any or just look for shelter under any tree and have a nice siesta.

This self employed electrician who plies his trade from his father’s house in Irolu Remo, Ogun State where he resides with his parents, wife and other members of his family as a nuclear family. He left home wondering whether he would make enough money for the weekend, but little did he know that his life will witness a radical turnaround beyond his wildest imagination.

How his Life was changed for Good

A week before the date, his hairdresser wife gave birth to a baby boy, his second. On that day, Oluwasola, got an “outside job” that necessitated the climbing of a PHCN pole to fix an electrical fault for a client, it was atop of the pole that he got one of the best news anyone would want to hear. “On that faithful day a lady called me while I was on an electric pole fixing an electricity fault for a neighbour. A lady called and identified herself as Kemi Adetiba on behalf
of Maltina. She asked if I entered for the ongoing promo, and I said yes. She then told me in a very sweet voice that I have won a home! The message was so sudden that I almost fell from the pole. I came down immediately and moved to a near by snooker joint and the call came in again.

She then repeated what she said earlier ‘you have just won a brand new three bedroom home in the Maltina sharing happiness promo.’ congratulations. I almost collapsed after the second call.” Oluwasola said he started shouting and running until a friend held him down thinking something awful might have happened to him. “Gasping for breath, I told my friend of the call I just received. He looked at me intently and asked, ‘are you sure it is for real?’ I said I’m sure because the call came in twice and the voice at the other end sounded mature and business like.” The new home owner could not sleep that night; his mind went back eight years ago.

What Happened eight Years ago

Eight years ago he was a Lagosian living with his elder brother. “The condition we were living in was deplorable. I was staying with my brother, his wife and six children in a single room. The situation became so tough that my brother had to sent me back home because he could no longer cater for me, that was when I started an internship on electric repairs.”There was no way he could not have imagined that his brother gesture, which he saw then as been cruel is a projection for him to come back one day, not as tenant in Lagos but a home owner in the same Lagos he has
always admired.

How things evolved in a twinkle of an Eye

Oluwasola, who still had doubt lurking in his mind said he thought the whole scenario might be “a huge shaggy dog story, but it was no joke as things started happening speedy. I was told to proceed to the nearest Nigerian Breweries Plc office for authentication and for travel plans to be presented my new home in Lagos. That was when it dawned on me that this is for real.”

He immediately called his childhood friend, Lawrence and broke the news to him. Lawrence confirmed that he was at work when Oluwasola called that he got a call from Maltina that he was a proud winner of a three bedroom home, “I told him not pay attention to the call, but due to his persistence I quickly logged onto the Maltina Facebook page where I saw the names and pictures of the past two winners, but I still did not believe because I wondered how anyone from Irolu can win a prize of this magnitude, so with that doubt I posted the question on the Facebook page and asked, “ is it true that my friend Oluwasola Akinsanya has won a 3bedrooom apartment”?. It took the team from Abeokuta that came to convince me that it is true. At this point the rate of my disbelief had fallen to about 30percent, but eventually when we were conveyed to Lagos for the home presentation, I knew it was all true.”

The young accountant who works with Terse Enterprise, manufacturers of Terse pillows in Irolu Remo, Ogun State, had to take two days off work to attend the house presentation. An excited Lawrence said “Irolu will be on fire by the time I tell them about our visit to Lagos.”

The Commendation…

Oluwasola commended Maltina for their magnanimity. “I did not only win a furnished three bedroom home, but my father and friend were conveyed to Lagos and we were lodged, all expenses paid in a hotel for three days by Maltina. Each morning I wake up I often reassure myself that I am not dreaming. This people have a very large heart, may God bless them.”

Pa. Taiwo Akinsanya, Oluwasola’s father who was offering prayers throughout the presentation said when he was told that his son won a house he was very happy and believed it “because when I saw the process my son was going through with Nigerian Breweries, it was more convincing. I have four wives and Oluwasola is my first male child and in 5th position amongst my children. None of my children have ever brought this kind of honour and glory to our family.”

The 27 year old electrician said he is a regular consumer of malt drink, especially Maltina and immediately he heard of the “sharing happiness promo” he started to keep crown corks and even picked some on the road. “Immediately I heard of the promo I started keeping crown corks of every Maltina consumed and even picked any I see on the floor. I have many crown corks without the letter ‘M’ to complete the word S-M-I-L-E. I waited in vain and used the last money
on me to buy a bottle of Maltina and to my surprise I saw the letter ‘M’ under the crown cork and I sent it instantly and today I am a home owner.”

The good news is making many to celebrate with Oluwasola already. He said “in the mood of celebration some are requesting for alcohol drinks but I told them it’s only Maltina or any product from Nigeria Breweries. They asked why I gave that option and I told them it’s my own way of showing appreciation to the organization that made me a home owner.”

How the Home was Presented

Presenting the keys of the brand new home to the lucky winner, Mr. Tokunbo Adodo, Marketing Manager, Non-Alcoholic drinks, Nigerian Breweries said Maltina has made a fundamental statement that its consumers’ are special and that is why the brand is giving out a special prize, a brand new home where they can continue to share happy moments as family. He advised the new occupant to make good use of the house as it is his for eternity. “You can even pass it on to any of your two sons as inheritance.” Adodo concluded.

What is this “Sharing Happiness” thing all about?

On her part, Mrs. Ngozi Nkwoji, Senior Brand Manager, Maltina said the brand is all about “sharing happiness” and family bonding. “The Maltina story has always been the story of sharing, friendship, trust, togetherness and  faithfulness. It is all about bringing the people together in an atmosphere of friendship. And what better way of bringing people together than by providing them with a big three bedrooms home where they can live as one family.”

After the presentation of the keys, Mrs. Nkwoji said the reason for the promo stem from the domino effect of the huge success of the 2011 re-launch of Maltina with a new packaging upgrade, new communication and revised positioning which had a positive impact on the brand’s volume, market share and overall equity which also rubbed off on the consumers who shared in the good fortune, smiling home with fantastic prizes after the post event launch. The success
of that year and the yearnings of consumers, according to Mrs. Nkwoji, was what prompted the promo.

How can I be a Maltina Home Owner?

The promo which is running from April 2nd to May 25th 2012, is crown cork based with two categories of winning crown corks-‘instant winning crown corks’ and ‘alphabet code crown corks’. For the ‘instant winning crown corks’ whatever is seen under the crown cork is what the consumer gets instantly! The prizes are shown under the crown corks and prizes can be redeemed at any of our 1200 redemption centres located across Nigeria.” The instant prizes
include N1 million, N100, 000 cash which will come in form of a Maltina branded ATM card and other brand memorabilia which include wrist watches, millions of free drinks and others.

The second category he outlined is the Alphabet code combination crown corks which would win the grand prize of a Luxury Home. It would consist of the following letters; S – M – I –L- E. “In order to win the grand prize,” according to Mrs. Nkwoji, “a consumer is expected to collect a combination of crown corks that spell the word S-M-I-L-E. Maltina shall be giving out a total of 5 houses. Under the letter ‘M’ crown corks; there will be special differentiated alphanumeric codes. These codes qualify consumers for weekly raffle draws. The 5 houses will be given out in three weekly raffle draws as follows: 1st Raffle- 2 houses, 2nd Raffle- 2 houses, 3rd Raffle- 1 house.”

According to Mrs. Nkwoji, holders of the raffle draw crown corks can enter the raffle draws by either sending their code, name, sex, age and address (address should include state) to 30380 or going to any of the 1,200 redemption centers to register their names and contact details. “Holders of the S-M-I-LE crown corks will be expected to keep them as the ultimate proof of ownership.
The SMS will work with all major telecoms operators.

Were there other Home winners before?

Two lucky Nigerians, 18 year old Adeyinka Adeola from Mbiama, Rivers State and Moses Edewor, 22 from Yenegoa, Bayelsa State were the first two winners and they have been presented with the keys to the three bedroom homes. Adeyinka is a secondary school student of Government Secondary School, Okarki, Rivers State while Moses recently graduated from Mein Grammar School Ogobiri, Bayelsa State and just wrote the Joint Admissions’ and Matriculation
Board (JAMB) examination, he is optimistic of gaining admission to a tertiary institution in the country after scoring 247.

The new homes situated at the high brow Lekki axis of Lagos were presented to the duo by Mr. Walter Drenth, Marketing Director Nigerian Breweries plc in line with the brand’s promise of “Sharing happiness.” With the presentation, Maltina has delivered on the promise it made on March 22, 2012 during a press briefing to reward five lucky Nigerians with new homes in Lagos.

After presenting the keys of the new homes to the lucky winners, Mr. Walter Drenth, Marketing Director Nigerian Breweries said Maltina has made a bold statement that its consumers’ are special hence the need to provide a brand new home where they can continue to share happy moments as unified families. He enjoined the new occupants to make good use of the house as it is theirs for eternity. “You can even pass it on to your children as inheritance when you start having children.” Drenth concluded.

Maltina and the Creative process

The Maltina brand is noted for exploring creative avenues to consistently engage and reward its consumers. One of these creative consumer engagement platforms is the popular and highly rated Maltina Dance All (MDA) TV reality show, a platform for sharing happiness, promoting family values and bonding. Since it hit the Nigerian market in 1976, Maltina has consistently satisfied its consumers with high quality natural malt drink, fortified with essential vitamins and minerals. It is the first and only malt drink officially endorsed by the Nutrition Society Nigeria. This provides Nigerians the vitality and superior nourishment necessary for their daily activities -including those special fun moments shared with friends and loved ones.

''Yea! I did it''
View of the Maltina House
Tokunbo Adodo Marketing Manager


The new landlord emerges


Tears of joy
Shola jumping for joy
Shola Akinsanya and family feeling at home
'See what drinking Maltina got me'
Oluwashola and family
Oluwashola Akinsanya flaunts the key to his new apartment
'Its my home now'
''I made it''
''I cant believe this''
Excited new landlord
Entering his new home
''calm down the house is yours already''
Adeola Adeyinka
Moses Edewor 1st NCP winner and family
Andrew Okwudu NB Regional Business Manager & 1 Millionaire winner
1st Maltina NCP winner- Adeyinka Adeola with family receiving key from Mr Walter
-Moses Edewor



  1. Happy for the guy. But I hope someone told him that the bigger the house, the more expensive it will be to maintain it. This guy already lives on a day-by-day salary. Don’t know how the tax system in naija works but I’m sure he’ll have to pay something.. and all those electronics alone will skyrocket the NEPA bill. I hope he’ll be able to handle that house with an electricians salary sha.
    And if it doesn’t work out he can always sell the house to a credit company that might just be a subsidiary of Maltina.


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