Here’s What MI Had To Say About The Saeon-WizKid Beef


MI Abaga who just released his video for Bad Belle, had an interview with Enconium magazine where he spoke about the issue between Saeon and WizKid. Saeon had accused WizKid of collecting 1.5 million naira for a collabo, but then not promoting the song.

Here’s what MI had to say when quizzed in an interview with Enconium.

I didn’t pay them, except few. The payment was minimal, not much, just to help the collaboration. Let me quickly react to the rift between Wizkid and Miss Saeon. I think, personally, Wizkid did nothing wrong because it’s business. You approached him for business and he delivered. Business is business. In my own opinion, the way Miss Saeon went about it is wrong. You don’t talk about business deals in public. That’s how I feel. Personally, I don’t charge for collabo. Wizkid didn’t charge me; even when he came to record with one of my artistes here, he didn’t even drink water, not to talk of charging. However, if you meet my management and approach us with a business deal, we won’t turn it down.

So there you have it folks. MI has said his own comments which make sense finally. Business is Business.

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  1. Yep. It’s been clear that Saeon was really just famzing and catching feelings. She’s tried different publicity stunts already; Uti and I are dating, Beefing Victoria Kimani on twitter and now this. Please let you music speak for you.

    Kudos MI. U did well


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