Halima Abubakar Says “I Won’t Rest Until I Can Feed 1Million Kids Or More”


Halima Abubakar is a talented Nollywood Actress. She represents a new breed of young Nigerians who have made their marks through their God given talents, and her story is indeed an inspiration to youngsters who wants to make the difference.


And like an excellently written movie script, she is acting out her life’s passion, becoming the star in her life’s movie and the new headliner worth talking about. The actress took to instagram recently to share her plans to feed hungry kids around the world.She shared this picture and here’s what she said below

i won’t rest until I can feed 1million kids or more…I love food..they should get the best in life.Kids!kids need the love..kids who don’t know whr, the next meal will kum from”


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