Eva is ready to port to cute guys network and she’ll make the first move



Oh yeah, cute guys make yourself available, Eva is ready to port to your network 🙂

When asked by The Sun News why she relegate marriage to the background when its so common knowledge that Christians believe so much in it.
Here’s her response:
“Oh yes, marriage is important to God. This is why he put Adam and Eve together. But I guess I have to wait till happens. This is not to say I am the kind that waits for a guy to make the first move. If I see a guy I like, I will walk up to him and tell him that ‘I think you’re cute and I like you’.

Talking about cute men, there are so many of them in Nigeria. Nigerian men are cute and I have dated them in the past. But now, it’s not just working with any guy”

Eva! it’s not just working with any guy? alright Eva, i can categorically tell you that Bob is cute and his network is available 🙂




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