Dr SID Addresses His Leaked Conversation With Davido


Over the weekend, a conversation between Davido, & Dr SID, and a few others (Kamal, Godfather & B-Red) leaked on the internet, and Dr SID went on record as saying Dbanj’s brand is over shadowing his shine. Full post here

Today Dr. SID decided to give his side of the story via his twitter page.

I had a PRIVATE conversation with people I trusted (Kamal, Dbanjs’ associate Evil, Godfather, Davido, B-Red).I’m entitled to my opinion and its unfortunate that this happened. Sadly, someone chose to record this private conversation and release it to the public, However, this has taught me a valuable lesson on who to and not to speak with, but life must goes on.

It’s a very interesting development. Since the split betweent Don Jazzy & Dbanj, a lot of stories have been floating around as to why the break up happened. This might be some insight.


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