Don Jazzy Issues Statement After Anti Nigerian Rap Comments In An Interview


Why is Don Jazzy apologizing to rappers?

Well in an interview with HipHopWorld magazine, he had more than a few words to say about what he thought of rap music in Nigeria.

If you decide dat u want 2 do rap,there is 1 thing u shld put at d bk of ur mind,ur parents r not proud of u.” He went further to explain that “You can’t expect to go to Ajegunle and you put McDonalds on one side and ‘Mama Put’ on the other side and expect the McDonalds to sell more than ‘Mama Put’ that more people can relate to”

Well a good number of Nigerian Rappers didn’t take his comments too lightly, and aired out their opinions via twitter. The most vocal being Terry Tha Rapman who said “‘If you decide dat u want 2 do rap,there is 1 thing u shld put at d bk of ur mind,ur parents r not proud of u’ @DONJAZZY (Haba!)“… “My tweet ws not a DISS 2 @DONJAZZY just airing out my opinion to d comments made abt Rap music in HHW mag cuz it applies 2 all genres 2

Terry also called out “scared rappers” who he perceived as too scared to speak their minds, “Yall scared ass rappers wen de send me DM de beg like say na taboo I tweet. Scared 2 speak out on wat u believe in. *smh*

Don Jazzy responded by issuing an official statement via his website apologizing for his statement and explaining that it was not actually what he meant.

All seems to be good now though as Terry The Rapman accepted Don Jazzy apology all via social media (twitter). It is not known if both of them had a discussion off the record.

Here is Don Jazzy’s statement over the whole incident:

“My bro I am so sorry about what i said. Pls do not take it the wrong way. i would do my best to explain wot exactly i meant Sir.

I like rap. I wish I could rap but unfortunately i can’t. That aside what i mean’t was simply the fact that i don’t know any Nigerian parent above 40 that can recite our rap word for word. That would be something. If there are hip fathers and mothers in Nigeria i don’t think they would be more than 5% of parents.

Our parents love to dance and sing along to songs that they like and brag to there friends that their son is the one singing. You can only imagine how upset they would be inside if them and their friends don’t understand or can’t rap along with their loved son.

Ok i apologize for using the words “not proud of” ‘cos you could say a parent is proud of  a child that is a surgeon and can brag to his or her friends about that doesn’t mean that the parent can join the son to carry out a major operation on a patient. Doctor Sid for instance used to be a rapper (and yes i know he was not the best at it). His father used to hate that he was a musician. I personally think he was just frustrated ‘cos he didn’t understand the kind of music he was doing.

Today his father is a true believer since he could sing “Something about you” to his wife. Davido’s father didn’t like his music until he heard “Da mi duro”.  Obviously he can join his friends to sing along to the song and be proud about the moment. I have had this discussion with some of my rapper friends too – M.I can tell u that his biggest song today should be African Rapper, Jesse jags – Wetin dey, Ice Prince – Oleku, Saucekid – Undergee or Carolina, Mode nine – Cry. And all this songs are big and widely accepted ‘cos of the sweet melodies on the chorus, meaning more kids and adults alike can sing along. I might be wrong but i have succeeded in this game by knowing the market i’m selling to.

I think i just speak the truth too much sometimes and it gets me in trouble ‘cos i like to be real to myself and everyone around me. That’s one of the reasons why i don’t like granting interviews.

To those that feel offended by my statement, i am sincerely sorry. I definitely wish us all well. No bad belle or bad blood towards anyone. I do hope i have been able to explain how i mean’t what i said sha na there the english wey i know reach. Thanks for reading. IDJA”

Terry Tha Rapman is currently working on a mixtape “World Domination” that should be released pretty soon. The Mo-Hits crew should be releasing the video for Oliver Twist soon also.

Exchange between Terry Tha Rapman & Don Jazzy


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  1. I don blast donjazzy but he apologized directly not even indirectly,dat is matured and i love don for one thing if u go twiter don jazzy ff all 9ja musician frm terry g to 2face,he supports all of dem and listens to their music cos he knws we have talents in 9ja and am sure if he has d chance he would sign more pple i luv him for dat

  2. Don Jazzy is a hero nd ll kip on makin money as far as 9ja music industry is concern. Cus wot he said is 100% ryt. Chai Jazzy u made me bcum 1 of ur fans jst 4 dis. Sing wetin al ma bobos go hear dats jst it. No copyn of Lil wayne bt smtyn lyk Wande coal-Been long you saw me

  3. Sure he apologised (Don Jazzy) but maybe it would be better if he fully thought out his statements/comments before he made them. That would reduce his seemingly terminal case of “foot-in-mouth” disease, and then the need to constantly apologise would drop by 80%. Then again maybe tact isn’t necessary when you get to that level.

  4. Don jazzy u r rili a don….knw dat anoda man’s food is anoda’s ma poison…Terry tha rap man keep d rap spirit on nd high “WORLD DOMINATION”.

  5. in as much as i respect don jazzy,i still feel his comment about rappers was both childish n stupid for a respected artiste n boss like him……the fact tha the doesnt have good rappers on his label doesnt mean that others are flop..for his information,m.i and saucekids success in the industry didnt start with 'africa rapper number1 and carolina/under g;… m.i's success started with 'safe while saucekid started with 'samboribobo' which are plain rap songs ……what he in other words is saying is that parents of successful rappers 'lik saucekid,m.i,ikechukwu,ice prince,etc are not proud of dem……..thats an ass-hole statement……………….for me i feel he is just trying to justify the fact that mo-hit lacks a good rapper or that his perceived best rappers on his label (dr sid and d prince) are just junks dats the more reason why they cudnt hold their own as rappers…..apart from d'banj (and maybe wande coal),there is no artiste on his label who can compare with m.i or ice prince……

    here is a word of advice to him, the fact that mo-hit is there now doesnt mean they will be there forever….before the insurgence of mo-hits,there were labels like dove music,kennis music and co but today its either they re no more existing or they are struggling to keep up on their feets….so he shudnt judge rap music by his own very achievement….tins change just the same way people change…..before now hip hop was not accepted in nigeria,but after a while people started accepting it and he shud bear in mind that rap music is talking that same toll and in due cause it wud be the talk of music just as it is now in the usa….the commercial musicians give us the same sound and lyrics over and over again while rapp currently is the only genre of music where you can get an overdoze of word play and poetry put together….he shud respect that abeg

  6. Rap is good rap is sweet lik i gat sweet in my proud of my children cus dey do rap well just lik how rap do justice to HIP-HOP is a generation respect it.

  7. Lyf alwayz move in Phase. U speak ur mind u die, u nor speak ur mind u die, u beta talk, open up and say it jst lyk it is-terry U too much. Av alwayz believ in Rap music, that’swhy people lyk Vector, M.I,illBliss, Ikechukwu,Terry, mode 9,Erigah wil alwayz be hero 4 lyf. @ Don Jazzi, there is alwayz tym for everytin…

  8. A hungry man is an angry man.don jazzy is hungry of rapper in his record label daz y he has gone so angry to kick against rap music.if u don’t mind ur bizniz u will endup a large heep of haters…meanwhile World domination mixtape z cming soon. Anticipate it lyk a movie


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