Don Jazzy Finally Breaks The Silence… “The Rumors Are True”


As rumors have been flying through the roof concerning the break up from Dbanj, Don Jazzy finally breaks his silence via twitter. For about 2 weeks Don Jazzy has kept mum concerning all the rumors floating around but today he finally had more than a few words to say via his twitter page.

“It is with a heavy heart that i announce the end of a long Era and the beginning of a new One” Don  Jazzy tweeted and with that you can all but confirm that indeed there wont be any Dbanj & Don Jazzy anymore. He continued by saying “Some of the Rumours U have all heard recently re sad but true.”

He concludes by stating that he’ll be donating proceeds from his catalogue to 5 charities, and aslo states he will keep the fans dancing and continue bring us new music.

On the flipside, Dbanj’s video Oliver Twist premiered on MTV Base yesterday with cameo appearances from Kanye West, Big Sean, Will I Am, and a few others. But probably the most notable face not in the video is that of Don Jazzy.

It’s a sad end to one of most fruitful groups in Nigerian Music and we can only wish everyone the best as they move forward.

Check the tweets below:



  1. Don Jazzy better go and beg Dbanj o. Dbanj made him popular if not he'd be just another producer. He's talented but he's nothing without Dbanj. Dbanj simply moved on to bigger and better things

    • first of all i think dbanj would be nothing without don jazzy, he doesn’t even sing anything, he is mostly just like a hyper active village town crier, for example look at the new song with rick ross, his role in that song is that of a respondent, nothing more. He is forgetting his roots! all these gragra 4 what!

  2. D banj didn’t make don jazzy…they complemented each other…I’m just wondering what’s up with don jazzy’s part of the Good Music record deal?…

  3. dbanj wan 4get hn people bcos he don dey follow dem kanye west,i pity him person 4 naija na servant 4 america.he just dey follow den kanye west up and down like mumu,i hope he no regret am sa

  4. Vry sad 2knw c a lng tym relatnship abridged. N as 4 d’banj, jst hope u’r doin d ryt tin. Cos last i checkdt, no producer cn help u wif such beats…. Put on ur finkin cap dude!

  5. I knew it was Gonno end up like this!? Dbanj don dey clam BIG BOY..becos kanye west sign am…he even clam he own MO Hit’s record!!in an interview

  6. its so heart breaking, cos no one ever saw it comin..!but I stil av faith in d lyks of Dr. Sid, K-switch etc. And Almighty It Don Jazzy again and again… Dbanj is Lost… Mark ma words..

  7. frolicking with the americans made the little minded dbanj forgot his beginnings. Next is drug use and the capitulation. Lets see how it goes. Don jazzy keep doing what you are good at,keep giving us the best sound. You can make many dbanjs. Ofe mmanu will always be ofe mmanu,betrayals.

  8. Don jazzy is not problematic but no one wants to give us the real gist. Sha all is well. It happened for someone to be glorified & another destroyed perhaps.

  9. Hv been followin mo hits 4 8 years nw,so am so angry dat d onli successfull group in nigeria has seprated,n nt jst dat I so mch luv dem dat is y am nt I bliv dat d brk up between Don Jazzy n d banj is nt jst a brk up,dre is smtin long thing

  10. It pains to see(•͡˘˛˘ •͡)

    all U̶̲̥̅̊

    labour for…in pass years wash away just B̲̣̣̣̥



    of money and fame…..

    D banj is my mentor but he will come together I believe so

  11. I still beliv dias mor to it dan wat is bin written on front pages. So, finger cross,we’ll get to knw d details later. B4 den,I reserve my comment

  12. In Economics, one better off is another worse off. In Don Jazzy& D’banj’s case, Don Jazzy is made better off and D’banj, worse off in d long run. Remember I said “long run.” They were complementing each other but now they av d chance 2 do wot dey do best “on their own.” Survival of d fittest. Don J. move ahead, u made D’banj. Other Ski banjs, u’ll surely make. Thumbs up Bro!

  13. Without Don jazzy there’s no D’banj and without D’banj, there’s no Don jazzy so why should they part themselves cos of life changes. So sad and unclear!

  14. sad but dis break up ll bring 2 of them close 2 oda 9ja artist..don especially….d banj z soooooo full of himself….cus don was nowhere 2 b found in oliver twist video doesn’t mean naw,but don 2 fuck up…Gud luck…it z now we ll know d best among 2 of u…not mohits,cus wandecoal z d best..beginning of a new era….as e dey go…kpakam

  15. Both of them needs to be layd dwn n caned serious, they shld stop being chicky n get back to normal or else…

  16. D’banj is a classic example of an ingrate..hw can he say he owns Mo’hits n dat Don Jazzy is his artiste?? Pride goes b4 a fall, let D’banj prove my bible wrong by not falling hard soon!!

  17. Dbanj as partnerd wit #illuminate members †ђξ group him self has joined and don jazzy ȋ̝̊̅§ out of †ђξ gamee…. So †ђξ dere will b diff in dere ggame.
    Don jazzy ȋ̝̊̅§ ѧ man of honour,dignity †ђξ best producer of all time, so Ȋ̝̊̅ beliv his goin †Φ start ѧ neew ggame and his headin †Φ †ђξ top of his gamee promote more artist even greater dan †ђξ ingrate dbanj.

  18. Its sad sha buh statemants lyk no dbanj no mohits r false. Mohits still hs em Wande nd co dey myt nt b doin big lyk Dbanj buh dey doin well nd r al promisin artists. I think Dbanj is jst greedy nd hs lost sight of wts imprtnt. Dbanj is nt a musician, he’s jst an entertainer nd cn du little or nuthn wt em Kanye. I see big things for donjazzy nd d rst I jst hp ds isn’t d beginnin of d end of Dbanj

  19. Sometimes things like this happen for a reason. So let’s just cross our fingers and watch what happens next.

  20. I think Good music is only signing Dbanj……. Co's producer can always produce for any body don't need to sign Don Jazzy , the connection is enough for him plus is a Don anyway he's more Artist to Produce!!!
    They are both moving up to new money so to speak.Don Jazzy can now focus on Wande coal and Dr Sid , K. S and many more ,Dbanj will bring American money to Mohits Records from Good Music .
    This is what i was thinking i may be wrong. As a business man this is the Smart thing to do . I hope Don jazzy and Dapo are still friends any way is my opinion who cares.

  21. There brakeup pain me so much but this is illuminati work…dbanj are u not going to regret this bcos no going back…don keep ur head up…..

  22. Dis is d handwork of illuminati coz whr thr is peace is always whr D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥) set their fire.God bless don jazzy and D̶̲̥̅̊ all member of mo’hit and as 4 banji i pray God shuld deliever u 4rm all evil, wish u all d best but ƚτ̣̣̥ a big fuck up 2 banji 2 don baba J

  23. Don Baba J, You’re known to your handiwork and it can’t be change,buh if D’banj does not get such producing beatz he will change,I hope D’banj name will not be swept aside in Music Industry wif dis breaks up btw him n Don Jazzy, D’banj gragra has been too much for so long,especially now that he finds himself in d midst of Kanye, Snoop,So he thought he can do anyhow to Don Jazzy? Don Jazzy na him Baba and I’m sure Dbanj will come back jare. Afterall Don Jazzi is a good singer too,Don Baba J go and do ur tinz jare I gat ur back n ur songs type are best of Dbanj,Good words to meditate on. Dbanj keh,na only Chorus ∂ǝγ carry him song,after chorus he don’t av gud flows.


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