Dencia To Be Interviewed On Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network



The good side to controversy is the publicity that comes from it, and Dencia is really riding the wave that Whitenicious is bringing her. She’s becomes somewhat of a weird phenomenon both in Africa and in the United States where many (including Oscar winning Lupita Nyong’o) have come out to criticize her and her skin lightening product.

She’s received interview spots from Ebony Magazine and others. Right now we’re getting word that she will be interviewed in Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network for a new documentary, Light Girls.

The documentary is inspired by a film by Bill Duke titled Dark Girls.




  1. It’s about time someone speaks sense into this girl. I can’t wait to watch Oprah rip her apart. I pray she invites the like of Lisa Nichols and Iyanla Vanzant to dig through all the insecurities Dencia bears!
    As much as she’s getting all this publicity, Dencia is about to cry on TV. If she thinks Oprah is inviting her to ask her about her product, she must be sleeping on a bike!


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