Dencia Claims She Made $10.2 Million From Whitenicious In 2014


Bank Rolling??

Cameroonian pop singer, and skin whitening enthusiast has claimed that her skin whitening product, Whitenicious, earned her a total of $10.2 Million in 2014. That’s approximately N2 billion naira. Now that’s a lot of cash.

She put that out on twitter, stating “”Welps I can’t be mad at the negative media Cuz they made me $10.2M rich in 2014.i am Gucci WhenTheirNegativeTurnsIntoYourPositive”


In 2014 Dencia got a lot of stick for promoting her skin bleaching product, and at some point even prompted a response from Lupita Nyongo. Now we might not necessarily agree with the idea around her business, but do you really think she bank rolled 2 billion naira? Hard to tell but not too unbelievale considering the amount of people who bleach around the world.

Do You Think Dencia Really Made 2 Billion Naira in 2014?

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