D’banj and Bankulli Split Over Kanye West


Word is reaching us now, that Seun Bankulli, manager of Dbanj and split ways with his now former boss, Dbanj. According to HipHopWorld,

The pair got into a heated argument when D’Banj found out Bankuli went to Paris after the Koko concert to work on Kanye West’s next album without him knowing. Bankuli left for Paris after the Koko concert in December and his employer/artiste wasn’t aware of his ‘clandestine’ trip to Paris to drop adlibs on Kanye’s next LP. Bankuli also hooked up with G.O.O.D Music producer Travis Scott who was signed to Kanye West’s imprint last November. When D’Banj found out, an argument ensued which resulted in both parties going their separate ways.

Bankuli along with being and A&R is also a vocalist and sound creator. His vocals were featured on ‘Lift Off’ featuring Beyonce off the ‘Watch The Throne’ album, and he was credited for his vocal contribution on the track co-produced by Don Jazzy. He also has additional vocals credit on another track ‘Illest Mothafucka Alive’ which was also ‘Watch The Throne’.

He now sports his own label, Bankulli Entertainment.




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