Davido Takes Another Swipe At Waconzy | Waconzy Hits Back: Davido Needs Parental Guidance



Davido definitely didn’t find what Waconzy said funny, and perhaps after watching the video of Waconzy saying what he said about him, Davido took another swipe at Waconzy.

In defense of Waconzy though, he did say he liked the Skelewu song, even though he didn’t think it was music.

Check out the tweets, and by the way Davido has said he’ll be giving away 1 million naira on his birthday!





Waconzy has probably seen the tweets that Davido directed at him and decided to strike back at Davido via his twitter account





  1. The #wacomzy nah big idiot now… What the hell! Fuck him anywhr he Is … Whr’s he sef!!! Hell Nos shitty guy, come all around dissing… Fuck him whrever he Is

  2. Wacomcy na jealosy dey kill u,davido has made up to 5 or 6 hit top songs,u onli 1 u manage to make,davido has perform in 9 europian cities,has a sell out concert,u none,u will take 10 years to reach davido status n record


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