Is Davido Subbing WizKid or Nah?



There has been gist that both Davido and WizKid have some kind of beef going on. Some say friendly competition, others say they straight up dont like each other. Check out these Davido tweets from earlier today where he seems to be taking shots at someone. We think it’s WizKid but you be the judge of that.

All this seems to be a response to the post WizKid put out on instagram about his show in NY and doing “proper” shows. Apparently Davido doesn’t do proper shows, and if you remember, the last time Davido was in NY, it didn’t quite end well.

We’re just putting out the information. You be the judge. This is us right here waiting for something to pop off 🙂


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  1. shut y mouth there@Dollypee…wizkid is a fake as niqqa…..davido is kiping it real…wizkid is still a kid he shud learn from oBo….mature mind and brain…wizkid qat none..iz to arrogant no be say he get half of davido money sef….davido is my main man….thumbs up OBO

  2. Pls shut ur mouth, 4 christ sake u nd I knw dat davido got alot of help from his dad but wizkid got non but tnk God who used banky W 2 sort him out. So next tym do not compare cus wizkid is richer dan davido nd he has more regard 4 people dan davido. Although I love both but wizkid still remains d numba 1.

  3. We all know OBO nah real mature kind of guy not even talking of d money education,awards etc Wizkid, y can’t u go down slightly and get normal breath


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