Cynthia Morgan Now Dating Jude Okoye? See Photos


Cynthia Morgan (2)

Late last year the fast rising female rapper Cynthia Morgan got signed to Jude Okoye’s Northside entertainment and has been making waves both on radio and Tv stations from her debut singles.

Earlier this morning she posted pictures of Jude Okoye tagged “My Baby”, could she be dating her Boss Jude Okoye?

I also gathered that she and Jude Okoye has a very close relationship due to the fact that she is immensely talented and her nick name for her boss is “Daddy”. Could this be a ‘father and daughter’ relationship or is this something we should be worried about?

Its really getting confusing as i also know she’s dating a senator’s son at the moment.

See Screenshots and be the Judge 😀

Cynthia Morgan (1) Cynthia Morgan (3) Cynthia Morgan (4)



  1. Comment:c.morgan!! no big deal abou”dat, don’t mind dem. after_all, u r a beautiful queen while he’s an handsome man too.
    d only complain i ga”against him is abou”the first pix. he should av liv d t_shirt to cover d belt instead of raising d shirt up. dat was an old style shoot.


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