Chemistry: Falz and Simi Release Joint EP Together

falz and simi chemistry

Attention! This is not a drill! Falz and Simi have officially finally released their joint EP, Chemistry. And from the first listen, it’s everything we’ve been expecting.

Falz and Simi had been teasing fans over the past few weeks with photos together, and we all knew where it was leading up to. The musical couple first joined forces notably in Simi’s Jamb Question Remix, and since then it was clear that the two clicked on more levels than one. Their follow up single together, Soldier, ended up as one of the hottest singles off Falz’s 2015 album, Stories That Touch, and also a fan favorite. It’s no wonder everyone was expecting their joint EP, Chemistry.

The album is available on iTunes so you don’t have any excuses not to cop it or at least stream it.

Download Here



  1. Both Falz and Simi are taking Nigerian music to that level of the Indians.

    Where its all love, romance and good artistic performance.


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