Charly Boy Spits Out Secrets About himself As He Clocks 64 today


Charles Oputa popularly known as Charly Boy is plus one today. In a chat with Journalists, he disclosed his age, lifestyle, family and how he sees things from a different point of view not caring about what the society has to say about him. Read below all he shared

I’m not particular about how old or young the number is. What I care about is the age of my mind and then the age of my body. From my look, my energy and all, I feel 35 or slightly younger. That is the age of my mind. Going by my experiences, my responsibilities, my wisdom and all, I should be about 87 years old,”
“I dress the way I feel. My happy moments are when my usefulness is engaged, when I see the influence I bring into people’s lives, when I’m able to add value and make a measurable contribution to individuals and society.
He also says he never sees cherished ones off to the airport..

“I hate to say goodbye. I find it hard to do so. That’s why you may not find me seeing cherished people to the airport unless we are travelling together. Same for my relationships. I love forever.”

On his children

“Unlike some parents who can’t truly love more than a child at a time, I love all my children in different ways and I see a bit of me in all of them, up to my siblings, grandchildren and all. Family is really what I have been blessed with, and my happiest moments have been family times,”

On regrets in life..

Regrets don’t exist in my dictionary. I live life on the edge and to change it would mean doing things in traditional or conventional ways. To do that, for me, is to give up the ghost. If it’s not daunting and scary, it certainly is not for me.”

We wish him many more years to blossom.



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