Charly Boy Is Prepared To Ride His Bike From Abuja To China On One Condition


Charly Boy is something like a clown I swear.

The eccentric artist, and grand father, known for his crazy ways, and outfits, has come out to declare that he’ll ride his bike from Abuja to China is Buhari will make N1 = $1. Now that’ll be fun to watch. Whethere or not that’ll ever happen is left to be seen, but I think we can all admit that we’ll love to see Charly Boy ride his bike from Abuja to China.

Here’s what he said exactly:

Una remember D guy wey trek from Lagos to Abuja?
Another Malam wan ride bicycle from Sokoto to Abuja.
All for General Buhari, hummmmmmm!
Makachukwu, if Buhari fit make 1Naira become 1Dollar,
In the next four years.
I go ride my Bike from Abuja to China I swear.




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