You Cant Count Eggs In A Basket You Dont Have – Jesse Jagz Comments on Brymo/Chocolate City Saga


It’s been a legal fiasco ranging from alleged threats to injunctions to denials and the likes. The legal saga between Brymo and his former label, Chocolate City still rages on, and now an ex Chocolate City artist, Jesse Jagz and MI Abaga’s younger brother has come out to state his own thoughts, and it looks like he’s throwing his support behind Brymo.


Jesse Jagz is said to have left Chocolate City under amicable circumstances and his contract expired and he decided not to renew it. Rumors suggest that there was more to the story than put out but from an official stand point, there’s no bad blood.

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  1. Baskets and eggs? Talent is one thing…talent management is another. Do u know how many Nigerian artistes want this opportunity for free promotions and event bookings? Besides Jessy, I hear say you dey smoke heavy weed. Oh boy ye, that’s so not cool


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