Burna Boy Drops His Mom As Manager! Announcment Made On Twitter



Burna Boy who just celebrated 23rd birthday last week, has made a shocking announcement via twitter. He has parted ways with his Mother Bose Ogulu who was his manager. She had managed his career since his rise to stardom.

On twitter he wrote “It’s been a long road to where I am today and my mother Bose Ogulu has managed me the best she could up till this point and am grateful…at this point in my life and career it is time to let my mother be my mother nd let my manager be my manager, therefor Bose Ogulu is longer my manager. all bookings and enquires for BURNA BOY should now referred to burnaboybookings@gmail.com. thanks for your understanding





There are no hard feelings though as he also posted that he’s glad his mother is back in his life.

Burna had however put out some signs that things were not going very between the two before he made the official announcement.

For those who are thinking “How could you fire your parent?”… Well Burna Boy wont be the first person to do so. He joins a list of celebrities who fired their parents which includes Usher, Beyonce, Selena Gomez, Gary Coleman and Michael Jackson.

However, we ask you; Would You Fire Your Parent If In The Situation?



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