Brymo Still Has A Valid Contract With Choc City – Chocolate City; Brymo Confirms Exit Via Twitter


World PR media representing Chocolate City group released a statement yesterday evening with respect to the report that Brymo had parted ways with Chocolate City.

Here is the official statement:

“We can confirm that Brymo still has a valid contract with Choc City and we are certain our Artiste “Brymo” can confirm the same fact. We urge all reputable media houses to check facts with our establishment prior to releasing “Untrue” stories to the general public that rely on them for valuable Information”

Now if you’re like me, you’ll know something is not 100% from this statement with respect to reports from earlier today.

Here’s what we do know so far. 2 people close to the Chocolate City camp have confirmed that Brymo did in fact leave Chocolate City. With chocolate city stating that he still has a contract with them, it means that Brymo technically can’t “leave” Chocolate City.

Brymo came out earlier this morning to also say that yes, he has left Chocolate City.


The story is definitely not complete, and we’ll be sure to hear more about this in the coming days. Now the question is, why he left?




  1. He cant just up and leave when he has a contract he hasnt fulfilled yet. when he still has 2 albums to drop unless the label decides to drop him. I heard he said he didnt eevn want an album launch. What kind of artist doesnt want publicity for his album? Abeg he should park well and think before acting

  2. i fink Choc. City totally mis-represented Brymo.. i hve heard his tracks before he signed on to the label.. and they were much “fuller” and better .. now he is branded as a local “yoruba” singer.. I fink he needs to re-visit that contract.. if it is stil Valid ooooo


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