Brymo Set To Release New Album “Merchant, Dealers & Slaves” On October 20th | Check Out The Album Art



Brymo is not letting his split from Chocolate City stopping him from doing his thing, and unlike some other artists who fade away from the scene after a major break from a record label, Brymo has gone full speed ahead with his new project, titled “Merchant, Dealers & Slaves.”

Shortly after the release of his single and video, Down, Brymo is set to launch what will be his 3rd solo project on October, 20th, 2013.

“Merchant, Dealers & Slaves” is said to be a very personal album as he tells stories of his personal experience in relation to how everyone regardless of who they are experience similar problems.

As you may have noticed Brymo went silent for a while working in the studios with his genius producer Mikky Me and after about 3 months, he has a project ready to deliver.


Check out a brief preview of the album


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