BBA Update: Nigeria’s BBA Housemate Beverly Osu Makes Out With South African Housemate Angelo


It was supposed to be a party for the house, but Beverly Osu & South African housemate Angelo made a private party for themselves when they disappeared into the room and started making out.

DJ Xclusive had been brought in to bring the house down with tunes and he did just that. However Beverly who had been previously linked to Ding (from Ethopia) took her talents to the bedroom with Angelo. Love Triangle Tings for real. Only in Big Brother Africa The Chase!

Things are about to get interesting. Watch the videos here.

Beverly & Angelo making out:


  1. Big Brother should think of more creative activities to add to housemates task, to make it more interesting, thing towards productivity, like weaving of baskets,cavs, making cloths, shoe creams, making of weags and weavons etc (3) three months is big enuogh for them to showcse any of these tasks. Add up more tasks which can help yeild money OR show Africans ability to Enterprenuership. We Need entertainments from ability to Enterprunership, Creative mind etc, NOT SEAT EAT AND PLAY AND WIN $300,000, AS IT DOES NOT SHOWCASE ANY AIM OF THE GAME, COME ON!

  2. Seriously guys, lets not be too quick to judge the girl. Shit, most of us have our own perversions. If half of what you guys do is seen, shit, the girl might just be an angel next to your sins.

    but, still, Girl, you no try.

  3. I would’t jugde u i am nt beta dan u but still self control mata alot babe pple are watchin africas u dont stain ur self like dis tink of wat pple will say ur friends well wisher ur parent e.t.c como angelo is nt d only guy in d world u ar yet d meet guy infact after dis u will meet personnel so stop and be focus we love u


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