BBA Update: Melvin Oduah Opts To Nominate Himself Up For Eviction

Melvin Oduah

Big Brother Africa The Chase is always full of surprises and in somewhat of a shocking move by Melvin Oduah of the Diamond House in put himself up for eviction this week.

As Head of House who was nominated but has the power to save himself off instead chose to keep himself on the Eviction’s list, alongside Annabel and Cleo. He elected not to save himself, or anyone else for that matter and left the Nominations list as is.

Last week, Melvin chose to save Selly and put Hakeem on the chopping block in her place instead. Hakeem was then subsequently booted out of the competition, courtesy of Africa’s vote, leaving the Nigerian distraught.

That makes it 5 housemates up for nomination this week – Annabel, Cleo, Melvin, Natasha and Pokello are up for possible Eviction this week.

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  1. Your headline is a little misleading mister! Melvin did not nominate himself as your write-up suggested! Rather he just failed to exercise the veto power reserved for him as the head of house to save himself! Those are two different things! Please take note! Thanks!

  2. I vote 4 u melvin,his action suggest that he ȋ̝̊̅§ a strong africa man,not only U̶̲̥̅̊я headline ȋ̝̊̅§ misleading.


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