BBA Update: Botswana’s Oneal Given The Boot!


After 10 incredible weeks in the game, Oneal’s Chase came to a screeching halt this evening!

Botswana’s Oneal fought the good fight, but unfortunately, when his fate was placed in Africa’s hands, he couldn’t survive the chop.

This evening, the opinionated deejay and model was given his marching orders, leaving his girlfriend and fellow Chasemate Feza, reeling. During his final Diary Session earlier this afternoon, Oneal revealed how he was more concerned about Feza rather than himself. “If it were up to me, we wouldn’t have been Nominated at the same time. I’m worried about her,” he told Big Brother.

Team Nigeria (Melvin & Beverly) are still standing strong in the house, and it’s looking more and more like at least one of them will win it all.

Here’s who which country voted for:

Angola: Bimp
Botswana: Oneal
Ghana: Bimp
Kenya: Feza
Ethiopia: Bimp
Malawi: Bimp
Namibia: Bimp
Nigeria: Bimp
South Africa: Oneal
Sierra Leone: Feza
Tanzania: Feza
Uganda: Bimp
Zambia: Bimp
Zimbabwe: Bimp
Rest of Africa: Bimp

Total: Bimp = 10, Feza = 3, Oneal = 2.


  1. Since all my potential winners have been evicted i dnt see any need of watching bba,its so boring,watching it now is lyke eating food which is missing the best ingredients,so haters esp westerners ,dnt celebrate yet coz you might be surprised by easternerners


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