BBA Update: Beverly Osu Confesses To Being Beaten Up By An Ex & Also Having An Abortion


Nigeria’s representative to Big Brother Africa this year must’ve been a confession mood as she revealed a few things about herself that 1. not many people knew, & 2. She probably didn’t need to reveal. Then again it might just be the strategy.

She recently just revealed that she used to be a runs girl while in school, and also that she used to get beat up by her ex boyfriend. Now if you remember she used to date 2shotz once upon a time, and rumors were they were engaged sef. Is that the ex she speaks of? On a similar note she also stated that her mother was deported from the USA for carrying drugs.

But of all the confessions, the most shocking had to be that of her abortion of her baby when she was 4 months pregnant. It takes some guts to reveal that kind of information, but you have to admire her courage or tactics.

But that’s not all. Beverly has also managed to get a reaction from the the wife of the host IK Osakioduwa, after she made comments that IK is a frequent at night clubs. The wife’s words: “this Ber’R’y is such a famzer. First, she talks crap about IK Osakioduwa in clubs. Dude doesn’t even go clubbing except it’s an event there. Now she’s so sure his name is Ikechukwu. Child, he’s not even Ibo Gosh!!! Can someone please muzzle on her?

Talk about a heated response. Whatever the case is, I’m sure there are more than a few shocked people in the close circle of family & friends of Beverly Osu.

So far Beverly has managed to escape eviction, and even nomination. Something gotta be working well for her.

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