Banky W, Niyola and The Public Bathroom They Met In


Now that we have you here, you can get your mind out of the gutter. What were you expecting from Banky W and Niyola? LOL. Not that kind of party.

Banky W recently put out publicly how he met the talented singer, Niyola and it’s one heck of s story. Trying to encourage fans to vote for Niyola at the upcoming Channel O Music Video awards, Banky W narrated the story.

“I was walking to the bathroom of an event center 1 day, and a voice from the female bathroom stopped me dead in my tracks. It was the most beautiful female voice I’d heard in person. I waited outside until the girl came out, and I introduced myself to @Niyola. We became friends, and over the years I always felt like she would be an a amazing artist if she just had a different musical environment around her. A diff support system to help her be better. And now that she’s with EME, that’s slowly but surely coming true. Youtube & see for yourself that “Toh Bad” was THE best r&b video of the past year… pls help me help her win this. Take 2 mins of ur time…the Link to vote is in my profile.”

What a story! I wonder how Niyola felt when Banky W was standing outside the toilet. Did she freak out or get excited. The two have been linked romantically before but neither have confirmed so we’ll leave that as rumors. Either which way though, the purpose of the story? Vote for Niyola. I mean don’t let this great story go to weist 🙂



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