Baby Found Buried Alive

Baby Showered and Alive
Before the Baby was Pulled Out
Before the Baby was Pulled Out

Human Beings are wicked o, you carried a child for 9months and as soon you delivered the baby the next thing for you to do is to bury the child alive.

The Baby when Pulled out
The Baby when Pulled out

Came across the pictures on twitter, but the story is still developing. Why would someone bury their own child after the labor pain and all that, some mothers need to be castrated.

She has no excuse, poverty or whatsoever, you can’t bury an innocent baby that just came to this world. Thank God the Baby Survived sha ….

Baby Showered and Alive
Baby Showered and Alive

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  1. It’s easy to talk when we don’t know the full story. However, I’m not sure what the little baby could have done to deserve this. :-/ There’s really no excuse… especially when we have things called “orphanages!!” Haba, even if you don’t want to keep the child, there are options that are not inhumane!

  2. If this Person is not Insane then she must b terribly wicked. If its about poverty she should have dropped d’baby by d’road side at least.

  3. The baby is a destiny child…what do we expect from a wicked world like this. The baby will hate the mum

  4. Its always easy to place judgements wen u nt d 1 involved…who knws hw mch hatred & wickedness dos postin comments av shown…God forgives n definitely has plans 4 d child n mother…bt only tym wud tell

  5. Who says we don’t have the right to judge the woman who did this. What good reason does some evil bitch have to do this. Find who she is and bury her ass alive.

  6. There was two people there. One guy was digging her out, the other was taking pictures , which is morbid but will make good evidence at the trial


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