Audu Maikori Covers The Latest Issue Of THISDAY Style


The young Entrepreneur and suave Founder/Chief Executive Officer of Chocolate City Entertainment Company Limited is the cover of the latest issue of ThisDay Style.

Maikori who disclosed to thisdaylive sometimes in March 2015, said he started making money while he was in the university. According to him, it was like a club thing where they would bring a DJ and they would make some money in the process. He was also into painting and artwork as a business. in his words:

“In law school, I was selling shirts and ties because I dressed well and people would always ask me, ‘Where did you get this from?’ And by the time I answered, they would end up saying, ‘Can you get it for me?’ I’ve always tried to be industrious. Immediately after law school, I ventured into mining business, the first time, I made money and the second time, I lost everything. And I found myself fresh out of school with no job but a debt of N200, 000. So, my father just said, if I were you, I will go to a law firm to learn. This still brings us back to the issue of internship we’re harping on.”


In the latest cover of this day, Maikori again speaks candidly about his humble beginnings, and his career in law and music.  He further shares his views about the fluid and dynamic Nigerian music industry, its strengths and likely future turns. 


Maikori speaks with so much ease of the increasing tendency of young Nigerians to take bolder steps than their parents, living off their passions, and very successfully too. Audu takes time to share his love of whisky and how he likes it served.

Credits: Stylist/Creative director-Tokyo James; Photographer-Kadara Enyeasi



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