AKA Reveals On His Low Respect In South Africa And Hints On Xenophobic Attacks


South Africa rapper AKA expressed himself in a tweet about his recent visit to Nigeria. AKA performed at One Mic Naija on April 26th, 2015 in Lagos.


The 26 year old artist further went on to talk about the issue concerning xenophobic attacks in his country (South Africa) in an interview with pulse.  AKA whose music has been widely accepted by Nigerians also hinted that one of the reasons why he agreed to return to Nigeria was to represent South Africa in a positive light and remind fans that it’s just a small portion of people who are carrying out the deadly attacks on foreigners. He said:

It’s sometimes unfortunate that some things do happen that we sometime do not understand.” But, ”you can ask anybody who’s been to my country and he’ll tell you we are welcoming, we’re friendly and we’re hospitable.”

When asked how has the Xenophobic attacks could have affected South Africa cum Nigerian music

”It’s a small group of people who have unfortunately damaged the reputation of south Africa… but at the same time it’s moments like this that have to make us sit back and assess our position in the continent and how involved we are with our brothers and sisters.” ”We love our African brothers and sisters whether you come from the South, East, West or the North. It’s just unfortunate.’


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