9ice Tells All Blogs and Websites To Stop Uploading His Songs On Their Sites


This is pretty self explanatory, 9ice has come out publicly to tell bloggers to stop uploading his songs on their site. Well then… That’s where it ends for us then yea? We’ve heard, no more 9ice on Jaguda.com also :)… Later Later




  1. Sincerely, there is nothing wrong with what 9ice is demanding….he even specified that spinlet is the recognized internet distributor for his music. This way sales can be easily monitored….with regards to downloads. unfortunately most blog sites can not keep track of downloads off their site, which means the artiste will not be able to collect data for track acceptance. This alone is a “pothole” in the Nigerian musical scene…every artiste should be able to determine track acceptance from downloads.
    But in reality, this might be the end of our 9ice…the trend in Nigeria is that people hear songs off website, start requesting on radio and that in itself increases listeners expectation of the Album. But now people would have to rely on radio to hear a song for the first time (although sites can get it after asking permission, but we know bloggers do not have that kind of time), how many people listen to radio this days….I just plug my ear pods and listen to music from my phone.
    9ice has not released any song in recent times to live up to the gongo aso hype, which is unfortunate to think that a talented artiste like 9ice is a one album wonder.
    I wish him well…..

  2. Sorry to say, but you are extremly stupid! He didn’t say u shouldn’t post his songs anymore, just get his permission! Do not feed the people with wrong information.

  3. He didn’t say u shouldn’t post his songs anymore, just get his permission! Do not feed the people with wrong information.

  4. I think 9ice and the bloggers can come to a reasonable solution. If the big issue is people downloading his music then maybe the blogs can put up the songs in way that fans can listen and sample to songs and then go purchase at spinlet. Most naija blogs put out songs for download so people dont feel the need to go purchase the singles again either from itunes, spinlet or whatever platform the artist utilizes to sell his or her music. At the same time 9ice is lying to himself if he feels he doesnt need the bloggers. As a music fan based in the US, the blogs are the only ways I can keep up to date on new music and new artists. Without blogs I wouldnt know about 9ice’s new music so he cant act like he does not need the blogs. I think the artists and blogs should work hand in hand theres no need for beef!


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