Zara – The Flyest (Video)


The Flyest is the one hit that put Zara on the map big time. The song is really catchy. Zara is in Lagos now doing some major promo for herself. Those in gidi probably caught her interview on silverbird tv a couple of days ago. Check out her new video.




  1. What's wrong with alopomeji and their weak videos?

    Nice concept, low quality. Another song I love that the video did not meet up to expectation (still mad about gongo aso). Spend some good money on your video, my little brother can do this video for you for free.

  2. She doesnt know what to do with herself..the video idea is weak…she hasnt any energy and even her lip sync is not in sync with the song….its terrible….F for failure….A, if your video is compared to any video made by charley boy.

  3. I have no doubt this is just a joke meant to make ppl laugh. Y are u guy getting hard up on it? Let's hv some more of this joke please, I love 2 laugh jooo!


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