Video: T-Money – I am DaGrin (Tribute to DaGrin)


Rapper, T’money whose genre of music was the same as da grin, releases the video for his track I am Da Grin. “I am da grin” was released shortly after his demise. To mark his one year remembrance, from kosofo entertainment, here is the official video the track. Its pretty short, but the song is deep. Continue to rest in Peace, DA GRIN, we all love and miss you.



  1. Sigh. RIP to Lyrical Were. He was really a true tanetled gem. I miss him a lot though i never even met him. His music made you feel like you knew him. Dagrin!! Hmmn You may be living now but believe me, until you truly live for others you may be as good as dead. You are not alive until your life is helping to make men want to live life more. Word!!!!


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