Video: IceBerg Slim on Jimmy’s Jump Off


One of the things that mark an artist as accomplished in the Nigerian music industry is appearing on DJ Jimmy Jatts Jump Off, and I believe it is safe to say we all know who Iceberg Slim is. He’s the guy that stepped up to contest Mr. Incredible’s fan proclaimed best rapper title. That stunt put Iceberg on a lot of our radars and so far he has been faring pretty well. Well yesterday this video surfaced of iceberg Slim’s Freestyle jump off and it has already been causing a lot of chatter on the blogosphere. It seemed, from the lyrics, that Mr. Slim is still taking some shots at M.I. We all thought the issue was water under the bridge but it doesn’t seem so with iceberg. I initially thought it might be an old video but he did mention ‘Microphone Magician’ which places the video post-MI2 (you go fear investigation now lol). Regardless though, Iceberg Slim really impressed me with this one. You definitely want to pay attention when watching this. And don’t forget to share your thoughts.




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