Video: Ibrahim Samande – Amina



Check out this video from one of the promising acts in Nigeria. It’s for his single, Amina.

Ibrahim Samande has delivered an interesting tale in the video of his hit song, Amina. The screenplay uncovers the short lived love he shares with Amina, before a bad judgement call on his end lands her in a slightly handicapped state. He spends the rest of the video trying to win her forgiveness by serving the chore of pushing her around on a wheel chair and catering to her every beck and call, while coping with her indecisive and highly stressful attitude. The story has a twist in the end that would leave most ladies cracking up and the fellows swearing God forbid.

Ibrahim Samande is an unsigned artist whose passion for delivering music with some sensible content, has forced him to have to tread an independent path- Functioning in a market where Hausa content in songs is not the norm. He wrote the story, sought out a production house in Miami, Florida, USA and set out in March 2014 to bring this dream to reality.

Story by: Ibrahim Samande

Styling by: Alessandra Gold (creator of Kruzin shoes)

Video Production House: Regulus Films

Location: Miami, Florida

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