Video: Ajayi Brovas – Kososhi


Ajayi Brovas

SBW Entertainment presents the Ajayi Brovas in the music video for the duo’s fast rising single ‘Kososhi’ produced by Cheepho.

For those who have followed the Nigerian music industry closely for years, the name Ajayi Brovas will definitely ring a bell. Their career goes as far back 2006 when they pitched tent with Coded Tunes clique before they were signed on to Alapomeji Records in 2008 by 9ice.
Both graduate of University of Ilorin, their major solo release were ‘Little Mama’ feat. 9ice in 2008 which was promoted with video directed by Clarence Peters, ‘Gbodowa’ in 2010 and lastly in 2011 ‘Appetizer’ which had a guest appearance from 9ice as well as a Seasn directed video shot in London.

The video for Kososhi is directed by Patrick Elis and was officially premiered on the 3rd Aug, 2013 at Guvnor Bar, Bell lane, Dock Rd. London. Enjoy!

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