VIDEO: A.M.J – When I Was Up


What’s So Special about the Song & the Artist: The song “When I Was Up” is a more serious track than his earlier video “Free Ride”. Each verse has a meaning and a story line that you can follow along with. A.M.J talks about some of the hardships of his life and not the partying and relaxing. It shows he is a versatile artist and has other subject in his book of rhymes. The video is simple, A.M.J had planned on shooting a different one and the models were not able to make it so him and his crew improvised. This video was shot in Oneonta by Nick Terrana of Terrana Productions and co-directed/edited by Mark LOD another hip hop artist A.M.J has worked with. This song not only has meaningful lyrics but a great flow and a perfect beat for this track. You can follow the struggle and picture the story in your head even though the story is not acted out. A.M.J writes all his own lyrics, records and mixes/masters all of his music. Almost 2 years rapping now he has opened up for national artists Joe Budden and Chris Webby and has done many shows around his hometown. He will be opening for Radical Something at The Middle East Club Cambridge Ma, on November 4th, which is his first show out of NY. With the right push this kid could really go somewhere, hes motivated and dedicated to making it in the industry and has the talent to do so. Be on the lookout for more music and videos coming from A.M.J

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