Two To Review: Timaya – Ukwu, Ikechukwu – Hustlin and Grindin


Happy sunday people! It’s another sunday, and another opportunity for us to jump on the Two To Review band wagon for the review of 2 new tracks that dropped this week.

It’s been a pretty eventful week music wise, and a slew of joints dropped this past week. So much so that it was hard to pick any 2 to review, but alas we made the tough call and picked 2.

Timaya – Ukwu

This joint is probably one of the hottest that dropped last week, and will be right there in line with Timaya’s great hits. Timaya’s joint most times hit the spot, and in some occasion hits off the mark, but this right here in on the money.

The beat is hot, the verses though extremely watered down are catchy enough and serve the purpose, and the hook is as infectious as they come. The song all in all does what it’s supposed to do. Make you dance. Finito

Rating: 9/10

Listen Here


Ikechukwu – Hustlin and Grindin

Ikechukwu finds a way to stay relevant on the scene, dropping joints every so often that keeps his buzz going, but he hasn’t struck gold in a minute, and this song right here unfortunately is not going to change that. The song Hustling & Grinding is not a bad song by all standards but it’s nothing that I’ll be looking for on my ipod playlist.

The beat is fair, and Ikechukwu’s verses are stellar (as you would expect), and the hook is ok, but overall the song is not anything that’ll get people jumping for joy. It’ll make a good album filler, and who knows it might eventually grow on us.

Rating: 6/10

Listen Here




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